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Charlotte Area Tutors offers individualized, certified tutoring, group tutoring & homework help for all grades, ages & skill levels. Whether you're looking for basic skills instruction for your elementary student, foreign language tutoring for your middle or high school student, or college level tutoring for general subjects or TOEFL preparation, we have a tutor for you!

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Why Choose Charlotte Area Tutors

Our tutors can work directly with you and around your schedule. Tutoring sessions are scheduled at your convenience at a time and location that best meets your student's needs. Whether meeting in-home, at a library or at our tutoring center; our tutors work to address the academic challenges that face your student.

We're more than just a tutoring services company, we also run spring break & summer camps to further supplement your student's education and enrichment. We private tutoring, group tutoring, homework help, camps & test preparation. We even offer help with placement tests, SAT, ACT & GMAT.

Our tutors have access to our downloadable assessment tools, materials & other resources necessary to make sure your student succeeds. There are many tutors to choose from, making sure you get access to a tutor who fits your scheduling and academic needs.

We offer tutoring in math, science, reading, writing, literacy & foreign languages. Each of our tutors is specifically chosen for their proficiency in needed subjects. Beyond the academic, our tutors are trained and hired to serve our students. If a student needs a specific subject covered, we work with our clients to select a tutor that will be able to best instruct the student.

We offer specials & discounts. Be sure to keep an eye on local ads for any offers & discounts available. We offer sibling & referral discounts.

Private Tutoring Specials
When you buy a block of hours, not only do you get a discount, but you can also use them as needed. Does your student have a test coming up? Use some extra tutoring hours to study. Everything going well with school? Save some hours for a rainy day.

  • For every 12 tutoring hours you purchase, you get 1 hour for free.
  • 20% off Private tutoring when you refer a friend for the same service.
  • Refer five friends, your student gets the same service for FREE.
  • 5% off hourly rate when you sign up siblings.

Our Community Focus
A portion of our proceeds are turned back into the community. We offer many of our services to low-income refugee families. By reaching out to the community, we have been able to see many students succeed who have very little opportunity to afford our services. We aim to help your student succeed. Your student's participation in our program allows them to become an active part in the surrounding community to help refugee students to succeed.